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Data Engineer PT Telkom

  • Telkom Indonesia
  • Mid level
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • DKI Jakarta
  • Contract
  • Deadline: December 31, 2021
Job Description
  1. Designing and implementing software systems. They also verify and maintain these systems.
  2. Building Robust systems for ingestion and data processing.
  3. Extract Transform Load operations known as the ETL process.
  4. Exploration and research various new methods to obtain data and improve its quality.
  5. Building data architectures that meet the business requirements. They are responsible for generating a structured solution by integrating several programming languages and tools.
  6. Mining data from plenty of different sources to build efficient business models (optional)
  7. Managing meta data and other information related to maintained-data (optional)
  8. Working with other teams, data analyst and data scientists.


  1. Bachelor / Master Degree of Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Computer Science, Business Analytics or other relevant fields.
  2. Certification of Data Analytics / Data Science from professional organizations
  3. 4+ Years of relevancy professional experience in the start up / Tech industry


  1. Programming : needs to have hands-on experience in any predominant programming language such as Java, C++ or PYTHON
  2. Database and SQL : in depth knowledge of DBMS and SQL. Some of the commonly used database management system for Big Data engineering are MySQL, Oracle, Database and Apache HIVE
  3. Operating System : a strong understanding of Linux and Windows OS Command
  4. Hadoop tools and frameworks : have experience with APACHE Hadoop based technology like HDFS, MapReduce, Apache Pig, APache HBase adn Apache Spark
  5. Data Mining and modelling : have experience with data mining, data wrangling and data modelling techniques to preprocess and clean the data using various methods, find unseen trends* and patterns in the data, and make it ready for analysis (optional)
  6. Experience in Pentaho, Knime, Rapid Miner or SPSS, Hadoop or Spark. Python or R or C++, SQL or No SQL database
Perks and Benefits

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