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Lowongan Indofood, Ada Pilihan 50 Pekerjaan

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lowongan kerja indofood



SELISIK.COM – Grup Indofood mengingatkan bahwa setiap pelamar agar selalu berhati-hati terhadap penipuan terkait dengan rekrutmen karyawan yang menggunakan nama perusahaan Indofood Sukses Makmur atau Indofood CBP.


Detail pekerjaan/posisi yang dibutuhkan bisa diakses di link berikut:

Lowongan Kerja, 50 Pekerjaan di Indofood

Indofood tidak pernah meminta pembayaran pada tahap apapun dalam proses rekrutmen atau untuk menutupi berbagai biaya, seperti transportasi, akomodasi, pemeriksaan kesehatan, tes psikologi atau biaya lainnya.

Jika para pelamar memiliki keraguan tentang karier atau informasi terkait, dapat menghubungi nomor kontak di +6221 57958822.

Harap dicatat bahwa Grup Indofood hanya akan memproses pelamar terpilih yang paling memenuhi persyaratan pekerjaan.

On behalf of Indofood Group, we remind you to always be cautious toward fraud related to employee recruitment which use Indofood Sukses Makmur or Indofood CBP company name.

Indofood never ask for payment at any stage in the recruitment process or to cover a range of expenses, such as transportation, accommodation, medical check up, psychological test or any other expenses.

If you have any doubt about career – related information, you may contact us at +6221 57958822.

Indofood at a Glance
Indofood has progressively transformed into a Total Food Solutions company with operations in all stages of food manufacturing.

Over the last two decades, Indofood has progressively transformed into a Total Food Solutions company with operations in all stages of food manufacturing, from the production of raw materials and their processing, to consumer products in the market. Today, it is renowned as a well-established company and a leading player in each business category in which it operates. In its business operations, Indofood capitalizes on economies of scale and a resilient business model with four complementary Strategic Business Groups (“Group”), namely:

Consumer Branded Products  (“CBP”)

The Group produces and markets a diverse range of consumer branded products that provide convenient solutions for consumers throughout their life journey. Many of its product brands are market leaders and command top-of-mind status in their respective categories, having gained the trust and loyalty of millions of consumers for decades.


The Group is primarily a producer of wheat flour as well as pasta, with business operations supported by its own shipping and packaging units.


The Group’s principal activities range from research and development, seed breeding, oil palm cultivation and milling, to the production and marketing of branded cooking oils, margarine and shortening. The Group also cultivates and processes rubber, sugar cane and other crops.


With the most extensive distribution network in Indonesia, the Group distributes the majority of the consumer products manufactured by Indofood and its subsidiaries, as well as by third parties, to the market.

Main Business Activites
The flour milling industry which itself is integrated with the Company’s subsidiary engaged in the field of consumer branded products; the agribusiness industry, which consist of oil palm plantations and related processing mills, as well as other types of plantations and processing operations; as well as distribution.

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