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Lowongan Kerja, 50 Pekerjaan di Indofood

lowongan kerja indofood


On behalf of Indofood Group, we remind you to always be cautious toward fraud related to employee recruitment which use Indofood Sukses Makmur or Indofood CBP company name.

Indofood never ask for payment at any stage in the recruitment process or to cover a range of expenses, such as transportation, accommodation, medical check up, psychological test or any other expenses.

If you have any doubt about career – related information, you may contact us at +6221 57958822.

Please note that Indofood Group will only process shortlisted applicants who best met the job requirements.

Berikut 50 pekerjaan yang ditawarkan Indofood:

No.PositionEducation LevelMajorFunctionDivisionLocationValid Until
1Warehouse SupervisorBachelor Degree / S1AllLogisticICBP - Food SeasoningSemarang, Jawa Tengah2021-08-31
2Security CrewSr. High SchoolAllHuman ResourcesICBP - Nutrition and Special FoodPadalarang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat2021-08-27
3AdministrationDiploma Degree / D3AllHuman ResourcesIndoagri - PT. Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk.Surabaya2021-08-31
4Quality Control OperatorDiploma Degree / D3Food Technology, Mgmt of Food & Nutrition Srvcs Industry, ChemistryControllerICBP - Food IngredientFID Purwakarta2021-08-31
5WWT OperatorSr. High SchoolKimia, IPAHuman ResourcesICBP - NoodlePT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, Noodle Cibitung Kp. Jarakosta Ds. Sukadanau Kec Cikarang Barat2021-09-30
6Organizational Development StaffBachelor Degree / S1Psychology, Organizational & Industrial PsychologyHuman ResourcesICBP - Nutrition and Special FoodBandung Barat2021-08-31
7Management TraineeBachelor Degree / S1Food Science and TechnologyProductionICBP - Food IngredientFID Purwakarta2021-09-30
8Technical FieldDiploma Degree / D3Mechanical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringManufacturingICBP - NoodleTanjung Api-api2021-08-31
9Quality Assurance StaffBachelor Degree / S1Agricultural Engineering, Food Technology, Food EngineeringManufacturingBogasari - BogasariSurabaya2021-08-31
10HSE SupervisorDiploma Degree / D4Occupational Health and Safety, Public HealthHuman ResourcesICBP - Flexible PackagingJakarta2021-08-06
11SalesmanSr. High SchoolAllSalesICBP - NoodleICBP - Makassar2021-08-31
12General Affair and Services StaffBachelor Degree / S1Civil and Environmental Engineering, Civil EngineeringOperationICBP - Food IngredientSemarang2021-08-31
13Accounting SupervisorBachelor Degree / S1AccountingAccountingICBP - Beverages - WaterJakarta, Head Office2021-09-03
14Technical FieldDiploma Degree / D3Mechanical, ElectricalEngineeringICBP - Food IngredientPalembang-TAA2021-08-31
15OperatorSr. High SchoolAllProductionICBP - NICINICI - Karawang2021-10-30
16Graphic DesignerDiploma Degree / D3Art & Design, Graphic DesignManufacturingICBP - Flexible PackagingPurwakarta2021-11-30
17QC FieldDiploma Degree / D3Food Technology, Food Industry Technology, Chemical Engineering, Industrial EngineeringManufacturingICBP - NoodleDivisi Noodle Cabang Jakarta2021-12-31
18HelperSr. High SchoolAllManufacturingICBP - NoodleICBP Noodle Cab. DKI2021-12-31
19Tally & Admin DepoSr. High SchoolAllCommercialBogasari - BogasariBoyolali2021-12-31
20Safety SupervisorBachelor Degree / S1Public Health, Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Safety, Public Health SciencesHuman ResourcesICBP - Flexible PackagingJakarta2021-08-31
21OperatorDiploma Degree / D3AllProductionICBP - Snack FoodPT.Indofood Fritolay Makmur Cikupa2021-12-31
22Crew PackerSr. High SchoolAllProductionICBP - Snack FoodPT Indofood Fritolay Makmur Cikupa2021-12-31
23Management TraineeBachelor Degree / S1Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Industrial Technology, Industrial Tecnology, ElectricalPurchasingICBP - Food IngredientFood Ingredient Division Palembang2021-10-31
24Operator Mesin BubutSr. High SchoolTeknik Otomotif, Teknik MesinManufacturingICBP - NoodleAncol, Jakarta Utara2021-08-31
25Management Trainee - ManufacturingBachelor Degree / S1Electrical (strong current), Electrical, Electrical (weak current), Electrical Engineering, Electrical Machine, Electrical Technical, Mechanical, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Food Technology, Industrial Engineering, Industrial TecnologyManufacturingICBP - NoodleSeluruh Indonesia2021-09-30
26Management Trainee - AccountingBachelor Degree / S1Economics Accounting, Accounting, Business AccountingAccountingICBP - NoodleSeluruh Indonesia2021-09-30
27Graphic DesignerDiploma Degree / D3Graphic DesignProductionICBP - Flexible PackagingPurwakarta2021-08-31
28Management TraineeBachelor Degree / S1Informatics Engineering, Information System, Informatics Engineering, Information SystemBudget & PlanningICBP - Food IngredientFood Ingredient Division Palembang2021-09-30
29Area Sales Promotion RepresentatifBachelor Degree / S1AllCommercialBogasari - BogasariSolo, Wonogiri, Blitar, Samarinda, Manado, Gorontalo2021-12-31
30Technical WorkshopDiploma Degree / D3Automotive Engineering, Aeronautics Engineering, General Mechanical EngineeringEngineeringICBP - NICINICI Karawang2021-09-30
31QC SupervisorBachelor Degree / S1Chemical Analyst, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemical EngineeringQuality ManagementICBP - Flexible PackagingPurwakarta2021-08-20
32SHE StaffDiploma Degree / D3Public Health, Environment, Engineering and Environmental Management, Hiperkes And SafetyHuman ResourcesICBP - NoodlePT.Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk Div Noodle Bandung2021-10-31
33Finished Product Stores OperatorDiploma Degree / D3AllCommercialBogasari - BogasariSurabaya2021-08-31
34Boiler OperatorSr. High SchoolTeknik Elektro, Teknik elektronikaEngineeringICBP - NoodleCibitung2021-08-31
35Purchasing SupervisorBachelor Degree / S1AllPurchasingICBP - Food IngredientTanjung Api-Api Palembang2021-08-02
36Utility SupervisorBachelor Degree / S1Mechanical EngineeringManufacturingICBP - Flexible PackagingCikupa, Tangerang.2021-12-31
37Quality Control OperatorDiploma Degree / D3Mgmt of Food & Nutrition Srvcs Industry, Food Technology, Supervisor of Food Quality AssuranceQuality ManagementICBP - Food IngredientFID Purwakarta2021-09-30
38Public Relation SupervisorBachelor Degree / S1Food and nutrition technology, Food Science and Technology, Nutrition Science & Technical Food, Communication, Communication ManagementPublic RelationICBP - NoodleCibitung2021-09-30
39Brand ExecutiveBachelor Degree / S1AllMarketingICBP - Nutrition and Special FoodJakarta2021-08-31
40Management TraineeBachelor Degree / S1Informatics and Computer Engineering, Information SystemHuman ResourcesICBP - Food IngredientFID Purwakarta2021-08-31
41Management TraineeBachelor Degree / S1Environmental EngineeringHuman ResourcesICBP - Food IngredientFID Surabaya2021-09-30
42Accounting StaffBachelor Degree / S1Accounting, Accounting Education, Accounting ManagementAccountingICBP - Food IngredientTanjung Api-api, Palembang2021-08-28
43E-Commerce ManagerBachelor Degree / S1AllMarketingICBP - Nutrition and Special FoodJakarta2021-08-31
44Area Sales Promotion ManagerBachelor Degree / S1AllSalesICBP - Nutrition and Special FoodBanjarmasin2021-08-31
45IT SupervisorBachelor Degree / S1Informatics and Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Systems and Technology, Information SystemInformation TechnologyICBP - Food IngredientSEMARANG2021-12-31
46Production SupervisorBachelor Degree / S1Food TechnologyProductionICBP - Food IngredientSEMARANG2021-12-31
47Engineering SupervisorBachelor Degree / S1Electrical (weak current), Electrical (strong current), Electrical EngineeringEngineeringICBP - Food IngredientSEMARANG2021-12-31
48Technical FieldDiploma Degree / D3Electrical, Electrical (strong current), Electrical (weak current), Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Computer Control, Electrical Machine, Electrical Technical, ElectronicsOperationICBP - NoodlePadalarang - Kab.Bandung Barata2021-08-31
49Management TraineeBachelor Degree / S1Electrical (strong current), Electrical (weak current), Electrical Engineering, Food Technology, Informatics and Computer Engineering, Education Information Technology, Information System, Information Systems and Technology, Information TechnologyManufacturingICBP - Food IngredientSemarang2021-12-31
50Research and Development SupervisorBachelor Degree / S1Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemical EngineeringResearch & DevelopmentICBP - Flexible PackagingTangerang & Purwakarta2021-12-31

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Indofood at a Glance

Indofood has progressively transformed into a Total Food Solutions company with operations in all stages of food manufacturing.

Over the last two decades, Indofood has progressively transformed into a Total Food Solutions company with operations in all stages of food manufacturing, from the production of raw materials and their processing, to consumer products in the market. Today, it is renowned as a well-established company and a leading player in each business category in which it operates. In its business operations, Indofood capitalizes on economies of scale and a resilient business model with four complementary Strategic Business Groups (“Group”), namely:

Consumer Branded Products  (“CBP”)

The Group produces and markets a diverse range of consumer branded products that provide convenient solutions for consumers throughout their life journey. Many of its product brands are market leaders and command top-of-mind status in their respective categories, having gained the trust and loyalty of millions of consumers for decades.


The Group is primarily a producer of wheat flour as well as pasta, with business operations supported by its own shipping and packaging units.


The Group’s principal activities range from research and development, seed breeding, oil palm cultivation and milling, to the production and marketing of branded cooking oils, margarine and shortening. The Group also cultivates and processes rubber, sugar cane and other crops.


With the most extensive distribution network in Indonesia, the Group distributes the majority of the consumer products manufactured by Indofood and its subsidiaries, as well as by third parties, to the market.


Main Business Activites
The flour milling industry which itself is integrated with the Company’s subsidiary engaged in the field of consumer branded products; the agribusiness industry, which consist of oil palm plantations and related processing mills, as well as other types of plantations and processing operations; as well as distribution.

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