About The Role:

We are looking for an experienced Senior Data Scientist to join our team. You will be responsible to lead and implement analytics use cases across industry verticals using Telco data as the main ingredients. Preferably a T-Shaped skills owner, having cross-discipline knowledge with at least one deep discipline expertise.

You will in close collaboration with fellow Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, and Product Owner who are highly passionate to develop our products. We perform experimentations on periodic basis to improve the product using various advanced analytics techniques.



  1. Lead end-to-end deployment of advanced analytics pipeline, collaborating with product owner, data engineering, or backend engineer team.
  2. Translating business to data science problem, and performing online experiments to validate the hypothesis.
  3. Mentor more junior team member, performing code review, and assisting the team to grow together.
  4. Design analytics framework (ML and statistical model) for various use cases.
  5. Maintain the quality and execution of the analytics models for various products.
  6. Perform periodic review on the implementation of the model and data pipeline.
  7. Collaborate with the data science and analytics team within the division to produce high-quality dashboard to monitor the performance of the products.
  8. Collaborate with analytics team to advice on the usage of Telkomsel data asset to solve business problems.
  9. Perform consultative and help the implementation of analytics use case across the organization and be the champion in terms of advanced analytics models such as Machine Learning.
  10. Perform exploratory data analysis on various data sources to get new insights to improve and give recommendation for new product development or online experimentation.


  1. Bachelor/Master Degree
  2. 4+ years of experience in Data Science / Analytics, such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Business Intelligence Analyst
  3. Having exposure to lead end-to-end deployment of advanced analytics pipeline, collaborating with data engineering or backend engineer team
  4. Experienced in translating business to data science problem, and performing online experiments to validate the hypothesis
  5. Implemented analytical or Machine Learning model to production, which are run on a periodic basis to solve specific business use case
  6. Developed analytics or ML model such as regression, clustering, or classification.
  7. Experienced in crafting raw or tabular data into insights and presenting it to the stakeholders via means of compelling data visualizations
  8. Experienced in collaborating with various data-related roles in the organization to solve business use case, e.g., with Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Product Manager
  9. Performed model monitoring to ensure that the trained model is stable and reliable
  10. Experienced in design A/B testing scenarios in an online experiment setting to validate hypothesis and test the performance of the analytical models. Also interpreting the result of the experiments in metrics which are well-understood by business users
  11. Excellent programming skills in Python/R
  12. Excellent data query or manipulation skill using SQL
  13. Experienced in using various tools for data science/analytics such as scikit-learn, pandas, numpy
  14. Experienced in using data visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI
  15. Experienced in using various database platform such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hive, Bigquery, etc
  16. Advanced problem-solving skills
  17. Having experimental mindset which is driven by intellectual curiosity to always find and improve their own works
  18. Knowledge of data framework in Python such as Kedro, Airflow, MLFlow, etc is a plus


About the Team :

Telkomsel Data Science ‘Digital Prodigy’ Team is a selected team of high calibre individuals with Data Science Skills that are crucial to Telkomsel’s transformation to become digital telco company. We put our focus on developing digital capability and skill required in the company to support our ambition to lead in digital industry.

With our capability, we support many Data Analytics projects across TELKOMSEL in different areas such as Sales, Marketing, B2B, B2C, and many more. Fuelled by the trust of more than 160 million customers, we take the challenge to serve our customers better, and improve their experience.

With fast changing of technology and business, we encourage our team to continuously learn and keep up to date with new technology. We believe that people are the most important resource to support business.re well-understood by business users.