About the Role:

As a Front-End Developer, you must be able to work in the intersection between the art of design and programming, in a fast-paced environment. You’ll be responsible to translate code into high-quality, user-friendly apps. Expect to work and collaborate closely with the UI/UX team, where you’ll combine graphical design and technical implementation, taking an active role on both sides to bridge the gap and defining the looks of the application and how it operates.



  1. Analyse business requirement
  2. Translating software requirement from business user to software
  3. Developing a high quality front end application with related programming language based on software requirements
  4. Develop a software test to ensure the properness and safety of application
  5. Providing a documentation of software
  6. Review and evaluate a software application to make some improvement based on business needs
  7. Collaborate with cross functional team such as backend engineer, DevOps team, Product Owner and others related stakeholder
  8. Research and explore new technology
  9. Continuously update technical knowledge

Requirements :

  1. Minimum 4 years as Software Developer
  2. Understanding Software Development Life Cycle
  3. Excellent and have experience in programming language for Web application such as HTML, CSS, Javascript
  4. Excellent and have experience in programming language for Mobile Apps such as Java, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter and iOS
  5. Deep understanding of version control (GIT)
  6. Understanding DevOps concept and implementation
  7. Understanding in implementing design pattern and design principles to create a scalability of product


About the Team:

Software Developer Team is a pool of specialist in TELKOMSEL. We focus on developing digital capability and skill required in company to support our digital transformation.

With our capability, we support many Software Development projects across TELKOMSEL in different areas such as Sales, Marketing, B2B, B2C, and many more. Fueled by the trust of more than 160 million customers, we take the challenge to serve our customers better, and improve their experience.

With fast changing of technology and business, we encourage our team to continuously learn and keep up to date with new technology. We believe that people are the most important resource to support business.