About the Role:

As a Senior UI Designer, you’ll be working with UX Designer, UX Researchers, Product Owners, IT, and other stakeholders to design products that’ll meaningful to our users. Understanding and in-depth knowledge of design thinking, UI related knowledge (typography, gestalt principle, micro animation, etc), and design system creation are necessary.



  1. Auditing UI from selected products to understand current problems within the products
  2. Creating design principles for selected products
  3. Translating solutions from UX Designers into low fidelity and high fidelity designs
  4. Creating and managing design system with UX Designers
  5. Prototyping designs for design demo and usability testing
  6. Implement and educate design thinking to product owners
  7. Collaborate with product owners to meet their business objective
  8. Collaborate with front end developers to ensure the designs that have been designed can be applied to the product
  9. Documenting and presenting designs and deliverables to all relevant stakeholders (Product Owner, IT, Lead, etc)


  1. Bachelor / Master Degree
  2. Minimum 4 years as UI or Interactive Designers
  3. Design thinking
  4. Human-computer interaction principles
  5. Lo-Fi Designs (Figma preferred, but other tools mastery is welcomed)
  6. Hi-Fi Designs (Figma preferred, but other tools mastery is welcomed)
  7. Micro Interaction and animation (Adobe After Effect + Lottie, but other tools mastery is welcomed)
  8. Design system creation and documentation
  9. Prototype (Figma and framer, but other tools mastery is welcomed)


About the Team:

Telkomsel UI/UX Digital Prodigy Team is a selected team of individuals with UI/UX Skills that are crucial to Telkomsel’s transition towards a digital company. Currently we have 3 roles within the team: UX Researcher, UX Designer, and UI Designer.

We are working with various business and support units within the whole Telkomsel to educate and implement design thinking process internally and designing products that meets our customer needs and giving satisfaction to them as well. You may be familiar with our work at MyTelkomsel, Telkomsel.com, Telkomsel Orbit, by.U, Kuncie for example.